Worried Mind

It’s about that time for me to go away
I gotta worried mind and I know I can’t stay
It seems like everyday
Someones gonna come round and take me away

And now I’m just tryin to find
Something that’ll hold me down for a while
Maybe see the light, for the first time in days
I’m comin up slow as you fade away
I always wanted, to be a man who tried to fly
I’m talkin bout the first in my life

I’ll stay true to the day
Oh baby, you’ll be mine

It seems like, I’m holdin’ on
For dear life, or is she dear at all
I’ve been tryin’, to ignore
I’ve never been here before
Look at my watch, it’s closing time
I’ve never been wrong, but I’ve never been right
I’ve never see the truth, in the words of her song
And there’s just something about that that I think is wrong

I think the sun come out gonna take my place
Cause someone’s gotta come round and take me away
I’ll stay true to the day
Oh baby, you’ll be mine

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