Time To Wake Up

I'm a little rough around the edges.
Takes me a while to admit when im wrong.
Some people say im lost; im searching for something.

If you find it let me know
Or let me go....

I dont know which way to go.
and I wont ever know what the future holds.
Now staying here i got to know.
I'm leaving so tell me goodbye.
Take my time cause i got to find if its right
Cause I'm dreaming my life away
And its time to wake up

I'm a little shy but wait till you know me.
Take me for a ride it wont take you long.
Look in my eyes is there something you see.

If you want me let me know.
Or let me go....


I dont belong here, So long.
Im not at home here
if im wrong.I'll take the first train
thats on it way back to where im from
but you'll never know.
I got to take a chance you've got to let me run.

So let me go
let me go...


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