Step Down From It

You wake up
In the middle of the night
In the middle of a lie

You fall out
Like a loser in a fight
In the middle of the night

You feel rough
But you haven't had a drop
And the pounding never stops

And your doubts have never hit you quite this hard..

Step down from it
That wall is too high for us
Don't hold your love
Where I can't reach
Step down from it
You don't have to hide from us
Don't hold your love
Away from me
And I will be as steady as a heartbeat

You wake up
Just the way you went to bed
Same dilemma in your head
And you're stuck
In the what if's and the why's
And it's hard to realize
That one day you'll believe
Your heart is safe with me

Dreams pass below your tower
you're worried in the coldest hours
that no one will be your flame


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