Slow Down

  • Artist
  • Albüm
  • Yıl

I'm going back to Tahoe
I think I left my jacket there, it's getting cold without you here
Someplace where it's snowing
Just a little taste of sky, to clear the air and say goodbye

Foot down, love how the engine sounds
No stopping for energy, I'm full with intensity, oh oh
On to rewriting chapter two, crossing out the part with you
Replace it with something new

Speeding up and going past you now (Speeding past you now)
Do the getting over faster now (Getting over faster now)
Racing and I'm close to crashing now (Racing and crashing now)
Slow Down

Pacing on the pavement
Walking off those memories, wishing all my thoughts would freeze
Thank god I've got my jacket
It always fit me perfectly, unlike the way that you fit me

Move on, this time you're really gone
I'm facing reality, and this is my strategy, oh oh
Drum roll, beating within my soul, the tempo is driving me
A road to recovery

Go go go go go go go
Just breathe
But I can't stop, stop stop stop
I need to hold my breath until I'm free


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