Mean Old Woman

Well her eyes were as black
As Pike County coal
Yeah she was the devil herself
God almighty knows
Well she weeped when it rained
And burned like a train
Right down the Appalachian coast
She was fire in the bed
And her lips were so red
One kiss'll curl your toes

And we sang ohh...
We sang ohh...

Pulled a knife from a back
Of a man who was already cold
And he ain't coming back
And the blade is hot on my throat
Before I was delivered
I fingered that trigger
And the wine from her body how it flowed
Then I gathered myself
With a rage of hell
Went back to the city made of gold

And we sang ohh...
We sang ohh...

Lord please forgive me
For all that I know
Cause I slayed that mean old woman
Who finally reaped what she sowed
Well she wanted my blood, and she needed my blood
And my heart and my body and my soul
And I wanted her love and I needed her love
But all that's left, is skin and bones

And we sing ohh...
We sing ohh...
We sing ohh...
We sing ohh...

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