Under my halo
I have trouble seeing clear
You held my hand tight
Waiting to watch me disappear
I wasn't honest
To tell you the truth
I wanted it all but I want you too
All of the lessons disappear
Still haven't learned to be comfortable here

Making my mind up
Making an effort is a start
It's easy to die here
Easier still just to fall apart
All the excuses; All the copouts
Take it like a man and shut your mouth
Yeah I could make it on my own
I watched my grandfather die alone

Now that I'm alone here
Feels so familiar; Feels so strange
Running in circles
Chasing the echoes of your name
When I try and tell you
You say I don't care
Goddamn it I do and don't you dare
Make me reason to get even for the flood of your tears

I watched you disappear
I was disappearing
You reappearing
I was disappearing

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